Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The engine or vehicle must be returned to us with the original invoices in any instance. If any internal components of the engine have been removed, replaced or rectified in any way by any person, other than our company, any warranty will subsequently become void.

Only the cylinder head and engine block will be under warranty, all ancillary parts will not be included.

The engine or vehicle must not have been subject to misuse i.e. overheating, neglect, modifications, repairs.

We shall not be liable under this guarantee for any fault in the engine arising from the installation or use of any defective service part

In the event of any work required under the warranty, the engine must not exceed the mileage or time set for service intervals. The mileage and times will be physically checked before any work is conducted. If any mileage or time allocations mentioned in the servicing section are exceeded, the warranty will be refused.

The warranty does not cover recovery, delivery or any form of third party costs incurred at any point in time, this is solely the customer's responsibility.

If the vehicle is sold, the warranty is non-transferable and will become void.

If the vehicle seems to be overheating or you hear any unfamiliar sounds from the engine bay, you must stop driving the car immediately. Once the vehicle has been inspected, it is at our discretion to determine whether the vehicle has been misused.

If any fault occurs due to non-fitment of advisory items recommended on the engine breakdown report, the warranty will not cover any engine or ancillary component failure as a result.

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