About Us

About Us

Engine Reconditioning Specialists in Birmingham

We are a family of engine specialists, based in Birmingham, comprising a father and son team. Together, we share over 50 years of experience in engine reconditioning and are unmatched when it comes to the breadth of our industry expertise. Joining together has allowed us to offer an unmatched level of capability and experience.

Family Owned Business

Both father and son are committed to providing a personal service to every client, which is tailored to their individual needs. There is no need to start panicking when you hear an unfamiliar sound from your engine bay; after all, worrying solves nothing. What you should do is bring it over to our workshop on Bickford Road in Aston, Birmingham.

Fully Equipped Workshop

In our workshop, you will find every bit of specialist equipment required to offer our unique service. Instead of taking in the car and sending the components away to the specialists, we are able to cut out the middle man by carrying out the work ourselves; we are the specialists!

Engine Reconditioning

We specialise in engine reconditioning and rebuilds, whether your engine requires a simple repair or a complete overhaul and refit, you can depend on the team at CR Auto Engineering in Birmingham to restore your engine to full working order. What’s more, our expertise extends from engine refitting to encompass injector and glow plug removal.

Within the workshop, we will carefully remove, painstakingly recondition, and meticulously refit the existing engine belonging to your vehicle. Retaining the original serial numbers and engine codes will enable you to maintain the vehicle’s market value.


You can be sure that your vehicle will be road tested by the team to ensure smooth operation prior to it being returned to you. What’s more, an engine reconditioned by CR Auto Engineering is covered by our warranty for your peace of mind.

Whether your vehicle requires a stubborn/broken injector or glow plug removed, or the engine requires a complete overhaul, don’t worry. Simply call the team at CR Auto Engineering in Birmingham and we’ll take care of everything. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements today?