Remove, Recondition and Refit

Remove, Recondition and Refit

Engine Reconditioning Specialists in Birmingham

Once we have reached an agreement that your vehicle would benefit from engine reconditioning, we will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered and brought to our workshop on Bickford Road in Birmingham.

Engine Overhaul and Refit

Our service involves the repair or full overhaul and refitting of engines damaged by cam belt failure, oil pump failure, failed head gaskets and more.
We have specialist equipment on site which enables us to carefully remove and inspect each component of your engine. The cylinder head and block will be meticulously dismantled into their individual parts. Any parts which have worn or broken will be replaced with new, in line with our stringent quality control checks.

Before the reassembly process begins, each individual part will be subjected to our cleaning process. We can machine any items to match our specifications and will reassemble after cleaning.

Your engine will be carefully rebuilt with new seals, bearings, gaskets and piston rings. The reassembled engine will be fitted into your vehicle complete with new oil and filter. Every vehicle is started and road tested prior to its return.

All Work Covered By Warranty

Only reconditioned engines by CR Auto Engineering are under warranty.

If you would like to speak to CR Auto Engineering regarding your vehicle and/or any aspect of engine reconditioning, you are more than welcome to get in touch with a member of the team today.

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